Banking Solutions
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Apart from core banking and switchware systems, banks need to provide their customers with electronic payment and non-payment solutions, in order to facilitate service providing and minimize customer visits to bank branches.

e-bridge had the opportunity to realize the importance of this kind of banking solutions. We have been working since the year 2007 to realize this vision.

Main Systems

-          Middleware system (OBPG: Online Bill Payment Gateway): Integration of Core banking, U/Switchware, and any other systems (such as billing systems of service providers).

-          IVR banking system: IVR channel for e-banking and e-payment services

-          SMS Banking System: SMS channel for e-banking and e-payment services

-          Internet Banking: Web channel for e-banking and e-payment services (please visit “REB Internet Banking Website” for a closer look)

-          Payment gateway: e-payment gateway for e-commerce services

-          WAP Channel: A mobile-oriented version of internet banking system

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