Business Performance Improvement
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Many companies have systems already in place but they are not seeing their benefits. This could be due to your business process and the lack of systems’ adaptability and performance. Our business experience and IT Know-How are at your entire disposal to review your business process and support your staff to get the most out of the systems we are proposing. In these circumstances, e-bridge can act actively and even proactively to improve your business process and redefine your objectives and the Key Performance Indicators.

The Business Performance Improvement requires a series of active steps:

Business / Workflow Diagnostic

The process starts by an understanding of your business and how you want to operate moving forward. This includes identifying: the activities, processes and system design elements that need to be changed or to be added to help you achieve your goals.

Leading the Change

Once we have identified the areas for change, we can help you manage that change including any system redesign or design that may be required, and process documentation that you may need for staff and administrators, and any additional reports to help you track the effectiveness of these changes.

The transition from a legacy system to a new solution can be made smoother by the transfer of existing data sources. Our data experts analyze your existing databases, spreadsheets, and contact information, and map them into your new system. Our aim is to allow you to use all of your data from the moment you use your new system and solution.

Decision support

Most organizations have several operational systems purchased from different providers. These systems may work fine to support operational processes, but may lack support of decision making support.

e-bridge helps you define your key performance indicators (KPI’s), and implements analysis services (through data warehousing, and data mining technologies) which enable you having analytical reports that integrate your operational systems to support organization top and middle management decision making.


With any changes, training will be required and we can help you to plan a training strategy that will ensure all of your users and administrators are confident in using the new system.

Assessing and Monitoring

This is an essential part of the process - assessing the effectiveness of the system and checking that fulfilling your objectives and Key Performance Indicators. We can then help you to make any necessary modifications to ensure that you are reaping the most reward from your new system.

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